Neonya!! Stream+Live!

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki


DJs: Angelica Roselie, BLNQ, D-Shark, Hexexen, Movestache, Yukata, visuals by Rustoga

There's two ways to attend to Neonya!!
- LIVE event 17:00-22:30 (for all ages; bar area K18) Tickets 10€
- STREAM 17:00-02:00 it's free at

As regulations changed we're able to provide dance floor inside.
Please keep good distance to other party goers and if you feel sick stay at home and watch our live stream.

17:00 Doors
17:30 DJ Yukata
18:15 DJ Movestache
19:00 DJ Angelica Roselie
19:45 DJ BLNQ
20:30 DJ D-Shark
21:45 DJ Hexexen
22:30 End

Aftershow @
23:45 DJ Aversal
00:45 DJ Kehveli