New Theatre Helsinki Workshops

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

Come and join us to create the theatre of the future!

New Theatre Helsinki is a new, multi-year theatre project that aims to reimagine all the things that theatre can be. During the five workshop days (3h/day) in June in Maunula-talo you get to share your thoughts and perceptions about theatre in creative ways. Is theatre the most fascinating thing in the world to you, or maybe something boring or distant? What kind of performances, ways of participation, stories or art makers are you interested in? We will approach these questions by trying out e.g. puppet and object theatre, dance and movement exercises, by having fun – together!

No previous experience (or ready answers) in theatre making is needed.

The goal of New Theatre Helsinki is to establish a new, intercultural performance venue in Helsinki. Through these workshops you can have an influence on how the future performance center should be like for it to look, feel and sound like the young citizens of Helsinki city.

What: New Theatre Helsinki Workshops

When: Monday to Friday 7.6.–11.6.2021 at 4–7pm

Where: Maunula-talo | Metsäpurosali

Age group: 13–18-year-olds

The languages of the workshops: English and Finnish

Free of Charge

Registration here 


Coordinator Helena Korpela | New Theatre Helsinki | 044 988 3021 | newtheatrehelsinki(at)