Photo Sielun keitaassa -työryhmä (c) Lars Kastilan

Oasis of the Soul

Aleksanterinkatu 12, 00170 Helsinki
Balderin Sali Hall

Oasis of the Soul - Lied concert

Oasis of the Soul - Lied concert

Solitude. Loneliness. Longing. Love. These have been familiar subjects in daily lives for the past two years, and they are themes reflected upon in this concert program.

In Samuel Barber’s song cycle Hermit Songs, 9th to 13th century monks ponder on these questions. In their brief texts, scribbled in the margins of manuscripts, they tell of their lives of solitude, their search for truth, and their quest for a deeper relationship with God. 

Vaughan Williams’s cycle Songs of Travel, describe an artists' journey through life as he both embraces and struggles with it, while reflecting on the significance of the sacrifices he has made and what remains when the life of an artist comes to a close. 

In contrast to these large cycles, the songs of Strauss, Brahms, Obradors and others included in the program turn attention outward. This is a world where a new day will dawn and people will laugh, dream, fall in love and have their hearts broken.

The artists know each other as teachers, pupils, colleagues, friends, nephews and aunts, but what really unites, is the enthusiasm for music. 

Kristian Lindroos, Sofia Lindroos ja Sirkka Parviainen, vocalists

Collin Hansen, piano 

Balderin sali Hall

20.3.2022 at 16.00

Tickets 22,50-28€ from Ticketmaster, duration 1 h 30 min