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Pentti Kaskipuro, paintings

Munkkiniemen puistotie 7, 00330 Helsinki
Munkkiniemen Taidelainaamo ja Kehys

Paintings by Pentti Kaskipuro from six decades (1954 - 2006)

Paintings by Pentti Kaskipuro from six decades (1954 - 2006) 

Pentti Kaskipuro (1930 - 2010) was a Finnish graphic artist and professor of art. Kaskipuro was the master of a quiet and peaceful image. He drew everyday objects in the solemn presence of light and shadow. 

In addition to his artistic work, Kaskipuro worked as a graphics teacher. Finnish artists Outi Heiskanen, Elina Luukanen, Marjatta Nuoreva, Marjatta Hanhijoki and Esa Riippa called her Master K. They all agreed on how huge impact Kaskipuro had on their career as an artist. 

Kaskipuro's oil paintings repeat the same themes as his graphics - they show the same love for individual objects and small details. The atmosphere of the works is also very similar to that of the graphic drawings. It is clear from the fine oil paintings of Kaskipuro that Master K could have made a great career as a painter as well. 

The oil paintings of Kaskipuro are very rare. In the collections of the Finnish National Gallery there are more than 400 graphic drawings from Kaskipuro, but only 27 paintings. Sixteen Kaskipuro oil paintings from six different decades are now on display at Munkkiniemi Taidelainaamo ja Kehys. 

Jaakko Mattila's watercolor works and Jaro Palmu's paintings are also on display. 

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