Photo Tuula Närhinen

Rainmakers: Rainmaking event

Hiekkarannantie 9, 00100 Helsinki
Hietsun Paviljonki

Rainmakers celebrates rain through sonic and visual art works

Rainmakers celebrates rain through sonic and visual art works. The project includes an exhibition and a participatory Rainmaking event. Applauding is an easy and natural way of making music together. The Helsinki Glove Orchestra (HGO) led by Tytti Arola performs her composition
Sateentekijät (Vettä, räntää ja lunta). The performers of the HGO will use gloves and mittens as instruments and the audience is welcome to join in. Please bring your own gloves! In addition, the concert includes the premiere of
a new piece.

Musicians of HGO in the event: Tytti Arola, þorkell Nordal, Lauri Supponen, Livia Schweizer and Viktor Toikkanen. 

The event is a part of Uniarts Helsinki’s fourth
Research Pavilion, taking place in Hietsun Paviljonki and its surroundings in
Helsinki 5.6.-29.8.2021.

Research Pavilion, Hietsun Paviljonki (Hiekkarannantie 9)

17.8.2021 at 17.15 -18.00 

Free entrance