Reconnaissance – Kaija Saariaho’s choral works

Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
Rock church (Temppeliaukio church)

A celebration of Kaija Saariaho’s a cappella pieces in the Temppeliaukio Church

Kaija Saariaho turns 70 this year, and while audiences at the Helsinki Festival won’t be treated to a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, the event will be marked with a different kind of sing-along when the Helsinki Chamber Choir performs all Saariaho’s a cappella pieces in the Temppeliaukio Church. It will also be the Finnish premiere of her most recent: Reconnaissance.

Saariaho was named ‘the best living composer in the world’ in a survey of contemporary composers conducted by BBC Music Magazine. The performers and setting for the celebration will be worthy of her music – a top choir of dedicated professionals and a venue cut into solid rock that’s like an instrument in itself.

The performance of the choral works will coincide with the Night of the Arts, and aptly so: this will be a celebration of both artist and arts.