SADE Session

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Low threshold street/club dance & DJ practice sessions, created to get a common location for that sweet Sunday practice.

Wait what??? Yes you heard it right! For our next SADE Session we will open up the floor for some rollerskating 😍 In cooperation with @suomisk8fam and @tiivistamo✨

📢Huom! There are no rental skates, so make sure to bring your own if you want to roll!

For the dancers - there will be space for you in the middle of the dancefloor while the rollerskaters go in a circle around you 🪐

📢Huom! No outside shoes allowed on the dance floor, please leave them in the hallway 🙌 Inside shoes are fine on the dance floor.

SADE Sessions are back!! What are they? 
Low threshold street/club dance & DJ practice sessions, created to get a common location for that sweet Sunday practice. The music will change genre throughout the session, so let's get together no matter what dance you do 🌟 Free entry!

🕑When? 13:30-16:30 on Sunday 2.10, 6.11 & 4.12 2022
🏬Where? Tiivistämö (Kaasutehtaankatu 1, Helsinki)

On the musical side we have a "jump in - jump out" system for the aspiring DJ's. Come and practice your sets to perfection among dancers. Start your DJ set when you feel like it and end it whenever. If a lot DJ's end up on the spot at the same time we will figure out a timetable so everybody gets to play. Without a DJ we put on a mixtape on them speakers so the sound will be quality gold the whole time. We have decks and controllers so feel free to play in a way that suits you the best, just remember to bring your own music.

For the dancers you just need to bring yourself and your vibe<3



The goal of SADE ry is to produce events that are able to fulfil the principles of safer space. We ask you to not make assumptions of others based on their background, gender, sexuality, identity etc. We wish that everybody are able to have a space where they are able to participate as they are. All kinds of harassment, discrimination and breaking of their boundaries will result in removal of the said harasser from the premises. In these situations you can inform the SADE ry staff who will be introduced in the beginning of the event.

By respecting the safer space policies we are all able to enjoy ourselves throughout the event and will be able to leave the venue with lots of new, beautiful, slightly sweaty memories.

Tiivistämö has easy access to all the spaces apart from the downstairs. Upstairs has an accessible toilet. There is a wheelchair elevator.
Tiivistämös entrance is higher than the street level but has a solid ramp for wheelchairs.