Strange Plant + Willman Dance Company: Sävelet, jotka eivät soi – Tanssin Voima Festivaali

Klaneettitie 5, 00420 Helsinki

One ticket is valid for both performances of the night.

One ticket is valid for both performances of the night.

At 15:00 Jenni Kivelä: Strange Plant, PREMIERE

I am Strange Plant.

I do not know why I speak like this?

I am an exotic plant, or exotic is not a good word.

I do not know where I came from.

Strange Plant is a half-cloudy, twisted solo act, a children’s show for adults. A naive-style character is growing inside the performance, somewhere between a human and a house plant. The character, the last of its kind, wonders at the spring and the garden magazines, camouflages against the wall, finds dead animals in its garden and explores its dark side. The show balances tragicomedy and seriousness.

Language: English
Duration: 35 min
Age recommendation: 10+

At 19:00 Willman Dance Company: Sävelet, jotka eivät soi

Sävelet, jotka eivät soi (Musical notes without sound) is a multi-disciplinary stage show that moves in the space between music, sound art, dance theatre and contemporary dance.

On the stage, the choreography and music interpreted by three dancers and singers form a multidimensional dialogue.

Sävelet, jotka eivät soi highlights the importance of family amidst our individualistic culture. By reflecting various family compositions, the performance emphasises the unique and irreplaceable nature of each person’s immediate community, which comprises various close relationships. In our society, roughly one in three families do not correspond with the traditional idea of a nuclear family.

Duration: 45 min
Age recommendation: 10+