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Sweatmaster, Kiss Disease, The Pistones

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Sweatmaster arrives in Helsinki after a break of more than ten years

Christmas comes early for rock lovers in Helsinki this year as Sweatmaster, who made their expected comeback last summer, finally arrives inside Ring III at Tiivistämö in Suvilahti on Friday, 7 October.

Originally from Turku, Finland, Sweatmaster played from 1999–2011 and rose to public consciousness when Scandinavian action rock and key chains were the thing. Besides The Flaming Sideburns, Sweatmaster was one of the brightest crown jewels of Finnish rock during their active years, gathering a large audience both in Finland and abroad. In addition to local gigs, Sweatmaster toured and gained fame in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, France and Russia, for example.

Besides Finnish and international fans, Sweatmaster has always enjoyed great popularity among music critics. The first three of their four albums – Sharp Cut (2002), Tom Tom Bullet (2005), Animal (2007), and Dig Up The Knife (2010) – were selected by the Finnish rock press as the best Finnish album of the year. Apart from the debut album, the band’s albums rose to the charts in their time.

Now is the time to come together to watch, listen and enjoy Sweatmaster’s live gig after a long break. There is no doubt that the show will be hard-core when the power trio of Sasu Mykkänen, Matti Kallio and Mikko Luukko arrives in Helsinki for the first time in over ten years. Do you still remember how Last Request, Animal and I Am A Demon And I Love Rock’n’roll go? You simply cannot miss this!

Two local rock machines will take the stage before the main performer. The evening begins with Kiss Disease of the younger rock generation in Helsinki. Their rough pop hooks and ruthlessly forward-rolling beat promise an energetic and dangerous live performance. Svart Records released Kiss Disease’s debut album, You Met Me At The Strange Time, earlier this year. The album takes the listeners on a roller coaster ride through genre boundaries, inviting everyone to jump on board.

The second act to take the stage at Tiivistämö is The Pistones. A British-style punk and pub rock band, they are known as an uncompromising band whose gigs, releases and playing skills have always been top-notch. The Pistones recently updated their line-up with a new bassist, so they may be hitting harder than ever now. Definitely a live act worth checking out.

The event is organised by TMH Productions Oy in cooperation with Tiivistämö. 


Doors 20:00
Kiss Disease 20:30
The Pistones 21:30
Sweatmaster 22:30