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Sydänpeto movie and workshops

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Advance screening of Heartbeast in Redi and workshops about film script writing and rap music

See one of the most anticipated films of the autumn, the brave and pulsating Heartbeast, in a preview at Redi’s Bio Rex. Registration via Webropolis. Monday 17.10.

Elina (Elsi Sloan), who dreams of being a rapper, moves to the south of France with her mother and is instantly stunned by her half-sister, the talented ballerina Sofia (Carmen Kassovitz). When Elina realises that she is just a distraction for Sofia, her love becomes obsessive – with dangerous consequences. Heartbeast is Aino Suni’s (Ei koskaan enää) brave and pulsating psychological drama about toxic love and unbearable growing pains. The film’s music is by a top-notch professional, Jean-Benoît Dunckel from the legendary band Air, whose music has previously been heard in films such as Lost in Translation, Virgin Suicides and Summer of 85. The French rap star Chilla and Finnish artists Yeboyah and Mercedes were involved in creating the film’s rap world. 

The screening will be attended by director-writer Aino Suni. 

Näytös 17.10. klo 19:00 

Kesto 1h 42min 

Kielet: ranska & suomi, tekstitys suomeksi 



At the preview, there is room for the first 100 people to register. Act fast and you will be among the first to see this gorgeous film! Registration link: 

Participate in a film script workshop where you will explore the basics of dramaturgy and learn how to express yourself in a script format. The course is led by Aino Suni.

Ti 18.10. ja To 20.10. klo 13-16, Tiivistämö

 The two-day course introduces you to the basics of storytelling with fun and illustrative film examples. You will also get to write your own short script and receive discussion support to seek out your own voice and practical advice to further express your vision. The course is led by Aino Suni, director and scriptwriter of Heartbeast, a film about the obsessive love of young Elina. The participants are also invited to a special screening of Heartbeast. Finnish trailer: 

Register: Webropol link: (please note that only the first 10 people who register will be accepted to the workshops): 

Participate in a rap workshop to learn the basics of rap lyrics and production.  

Ke 19.10. ja To 20.10. Klo 10-15 (sis. lounastauko klo 12-13), HUM Studio nuorten toimintakeskus Kipinä.

Participate in a rap workshop where you can develop your expression in rap in terms of productive thinking about lyrics and your delivery. The workshop will provide you with tools to develop your vision and the appeal of your songs and deepen your understanding of the connection of rap to its musical background. The two-day course offers the possibility of recording and is suitable for participants with different starting levels who want to professionalise their rap expression. The instructors of the workshop are rapper Mercedes and producer Tommi Mäki. 

Mercedes is a rap artist currently working on her third album. She released her first two albums under the name Mercedes Bentso. Mercedes’s strength is writing lyrics, and her songs are also heard in the movie Heartbeast. 

Tommi Mäki is the development director of the new SonicLake music publishing house and the leader of the company’s eight-member composer team, who is constantly looking for new talents for his team. Mäki also makes music for various media and has composed and produced songs for the movie Heartbeast. The workshops are held in the HUM studio space of Kipinä Youth Activity House (in connection with STOA Cultural Centre) at Turunlinnantie 1 A, 00900 Helsinki. 

Register: Webropol link (please note that only the first 10 people who register will be accepted to the workshops):