The Night of the Arts at Helsinki City Museum

Aleksanterinkatu 14-18, 00170 Helsinki

Come and spend a late summer evening watching old documents and taking part in a workshop! On the…

Come and spend a late summer evening watching old documents and taking part in a workshop!

On the Night of the Arts, the City Museum will screen old Helsinki-related commercials and short films in the Falkman courtyard. The programme also offers a workshop in which the participants create a joint meadow out of textile waste. The workshop is suitable for the whole family.

17–20: Pollinator Paradise workshop

Lady’s bedstraw, daisy, wild strawberry and harebell – lovely flowers draw pollinators to them with their colours and scent. Meadows are beautiful and necessary nectar bars for pollinators.

In Aalto University Junior’s workshop, the participants will create a joint ‘meadow’ from textile waste, and the workshop will also feature talk about the importance of pollinators and meadows. Each participant will use waste fabric to cut, tie, sew or embroider their own meadow plant, which they will then attach to the joint art work. The workshop’s key content includes the importance of meadows to pollinators and the world, the life cycle of clothing and working together.

Come and contribute! Suitable for the whole family, this free-of-charge workshop can be found in the lobby of the City Museum.

20–23: Film screening

Come spend a late summer evening with us, have a drink and enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere. The film screening in the Falkman courtyard will be implemented with an old-time analogue 35 mm film projector. The technical implementation will be carried out by Helsingin Studiopalvelut, with whom the City Museum has been collaborating since 2018.

Featured documents: Helsinki – meren tytär (Helsinki – Daughter of the Sea), Finland 1962, 7 min Miten Helsinkiä hallitaan (How Helsinki is Governed), Finland 1971, 13 min Kino Palatsi, Finland 1968, 14 min

In addition to documents, visitors will be treated to commercials from the 1970s. The themes featured in the commercials will include lemonades, car wax, latest family vehicles, a public service announcement by Alko, and jeans.

On the Night of the Arts, the museum’s exhibitions will also be open until 23.00 (excluding Children's Town). We hope to see you there!


Photo: Helsingin Studiopalvelut