Photo Roihuvuori-seura ry (c) Kari Hiltunen

The Path of Three Gardens

Peukaloisentie, 00820 Helsinki
Peukaloinen park

Photo exhibit: "The Path of Three Gardens"

Photo exhibit: "The Path of Three Gardens"

This outdoor exhibition has been created by 23 photographers from Helsinki. Its subject is the path that runs from Roihuvuori Kirsikkapuisto (Cherry Park) to Playground Tuhkimo and further to the Japanese Garden. 

More than 100 images of pathside situations, events and landscapes are on display. The exhibition, designed by photographer Jussi Aalto, is hung on a fence on the edge of Peukaloisenpuisto Park. 

Peukaloisenpuisto Park

16.5.-31.8.2021, open 24/7


Free entry