Thrift Flip

Konepajankuja 3, B-house, 00510 Helsinki

A sustainable way forward in fashion where you transform an old article of clothing into something new

Color’s of Angel 

Angel is a genderqueer fashion student at Omnia, who has been assisting various designers like Ervin Latimer and Joona Huotari, and a model, ballroom dancer and drag artist. This gender non-conforming queer performer and costume designer likes to search for ways to inspire people through upcycled fashion promoting sustainably.

The workshop is in Finnish and English.

Welcome to the thrift flip workshop, held by Angel & Kulervo.

Thrift flipping is a way of upcycling clothing and a sustainable way forward in fashion, where an old article of clothing is transformed into something new. Angel will guide you through different ways of altering a garment (shirt, trousers, etc. – bring one or more) of your choice.