Tiivistämö Winter Games e-sports tournament

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Nuorten pelitapahtuma verkossa. Lajeina Fortnite ja Overwatch.

Tiivistämö Winter Games is an e-sports tournament culminating in the final games streamed on Tiivistämö’s Twitch channel on 25–26 February. Anyone aged 13–18 can participate in the tournament. The games that will be played are Fortnite (duo) and Overwatch.
The qualifiers will be held in collaboration with VISU Gaming and Suomi OW. You can find more detailed qualifier timetables, rules and registration on the Tiivistämö Winter Games Discord server.

The event will also feature top pro gamers Laura ”Lapa” Kyntäjä and Petja ”Masaa” Kantanen. On Friday 26 February, e-sports coach Niklas Hirvelä will tell you how you can become a pro gamer!

The Fortnite final games will be played on Thursday 25 February, and the Overwatch bronze and final games will be played on Friday 26 February. All games will take place between 12:00 and 19:30. You can watch the games live on Tiivistämö’s Twitch channel! The schedule of the game days will be specified at a later date.

Tournament information:


Suomi OW will hold the qualifiers for the Tiivistämö Winter Games Overwatch tournament to be held on Friday 26 February! The qualifiers will be held on Saturday 20 February from 14:00 onwards. The tournament is intended for players aged 13–18 and with a maximum SR of 3,750. Only two players, at the most, can be aged over 18. No player can have an SR of over 3,750 (in borderline cases, some flexibility may be allowed). The games will be covered on Suomi OW’s Twitch channel.

Four teams from the qualifiers will enter the main tournament on 26 February. The teams that made it to the qualifier final will play in the final of the main tournament. The teams that lost the semi-finals of the qualifiers will play in the bronze game. The schedule of the main tournament will be specified at a later date. Please pay attention to this when signing up for the tournament.

Each player of the team that wins the main tournament will receive a Steam gift card of €20 and 30 minutes of game time at Pikseli Virtual Park.

Registration for the OW tournament:
Tiivistämö Winter Games discord-channel!