Photo Helsingin kaupunginmuseo


Töölönkatu 51, 00250 Helsinki
Tram Museum

Join us at the joyous children’s event at the Tram Museum!

At the museum, you will meet Mimi and Kuku and be able to marvel at the illusions of a magician and soap bubble artists. You will also be able to decorate yourself with glitter and build a bird feeder. The event is in English, free admission.

Event schedule:

12.00 Mimi and Kuku

12.00–15.00 My NeighBIRDhood workshop

12.30 Soap bubble performance by the Ruffle Army

13.00–15.00 Ruffle Army glitter workshop

13.00 Taikuri Kari (magician)

13.30 Mimi & Kuku

14.00 Taikuri Kari (magician)

15.00 Taikuri Kari (magician)

15.30 Soap bubble performance by the Ruffle Army