Photo UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra (c) Olli Nurmi

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra: Northern Lights

UMO's concert will be livestreamed from Cable Factory without an audience.

UMO's concert will be livestreamed from Cable Factory without an audience. 

January is a dark month and statistically the coldest period of the year in Finland. These natural forces have driven the conductor of the first online concert of the year, Ville Vannemaa, to choose music compatible to the harsh conditions of northern winter: biting frosts, endless darkness and sparkling northern lights. In this concert the merciless arctic winter manifests itself in the Nordic jazz of UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra.

All composers of the Nordic jazz scene see the northern lights in their own ways. The orchestra plays music from Palle Mikkelborg, Jarmo Savolainen, Jan Allan, Kari Komppa and others. The soloists of the compositions play considerably important roles and the virtuoso players of UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra have lots of space for solos.

Nordic jazz has lately attracted more and more attention all over the world. In the strictest sense of the concept, Nordic jazz is a style of music played by Nordic musicians. The austere climate is etched on the melody and harmony of the Nordic jazz. In the Northern Lights online concert the audience will hear how the northern lights, freezing temperatures and darkness sound like.

Internet, UMO’s website, mobile app or

26.1.2022 at 18.00

Free of charge, voluntary fee 5/10/15 €, duration approx. 1 h

The on-demand of the concert will be available at UMO channels right from Wednesday evening, until further notice. At the, the on-demand will be available on Thursday 27th January from noon, until Wednesday 2nd February.