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Ursus Factory

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Finally, an Ursus Factory gig for all ages in Helsinki!

Ursus Factory, acclaimed to be one of the best live bands in Finland, is a duo of singer-guitarist Jussi Pelkonen and drummer-singer Aleksi Ripatti founded in 2013.

With their third full-length album, the long-time favourite of audiences and critics leapt at being the future super band of Finnish rock. The album, Onnellinen sukupolvi, elevated the band to a new level. The first vinyl edition, which was immediately sold out, saw the album climb to sixth place on the Official Finnish Charts in the first week and second place on the physical sales chart. The album has garnered tremendous praise and only four and five-star ratings in Finnish media, and the single releases have received extensive radio play.

The band’s gigs have been largely sold out already for a couple of years. Undoubtedly Finland’s toughest live band and rock crowd’s number one favourite, Ursus Factory also melts the hearts of the masses.

Ursus Factory is an exceptional gem in the field of Finnish music, whose boisterous garage rock rattles but with melodies uncompromisingly at the fore. Pelkonen’s humoristic lyrics have become one of the band’s trademarks, combining a bouncing stream of consciousness with razor-sharp observations.


19:00 doors open
20:00 support
21:00 Ursus Factory

Advance tickets €20 + delivery costs
Includes service fee of €2.50

Tickets at the door €24
Cloakroom charge €3 at the door

The concert is for all ages. There is a designated alcohol serving area (K18) in Tiivistämö.