W H A T E V E R – Spatial Sequential Art – Terhi Adler

Klaneettitie 5, 00420 Helsinki

This exhibition acts as a research of a novel way to produce comics: in three dimensions.

This exhibition acts as a research of a novel way to produce comics: in three dimensions.

The exhibition space is filled with comic art installations in various different experimental forms.

What if we thought again what a comics exhibition could be like. Would it be possible to reach the same level of immersiveness as with reading a comic book? What would it be like to be a part of a comic strip? Could sequential art be interactive? This exhibition is pushing and breaking the limits, and possibly suggesting a new interpretation on the term ‘sequential art’. The exhibition could be considered as a laboratory studying various formats of spatial comics.

Whatever is a comics project that exists in many dimensions at the same time. First of all, it’s comics. Secondly, it’s the spatial comics/installations seen exhibited. Thirdly, a series of short animations are on their way.

Whatever tells the story of Girl in her thirties, who is living with her best friend Cat and therapist Plant as room mates. She is trying to survive her chaotic yet boring life filled with dating apps, odd jobs and healing crystals. This time the characters have been stuck in some weird, unforeseen circumstances.

Terhi Adler (1989) is a cross-disciplinary graphic designer, illustrator and creative generalist, who also makes comics and animation. She is interested in e.g. ceramics, video art and comedy too.

Adler is a recent postgraduate from Aalto university, and this exhibition was made as the artistic research part of her master of arts’ thesis for the same school. The exhibition is a part of Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Summer of the Arts project.