Photo Helsingin kaupungin aineistopankki / KSV

Viikki Church

Agronominkatu 5, 00790 Helsinki

The church is located in sustainable Eco-Viikki residental area and represents ecological wooden architecture. The exterior walls are made of split aspen shingles. In the interior, there is a forest of pillars made of glulam cluster columns. The altarpiece, Elämän puu (Tree of life), and the works in the baptism recess and on the foyer wall are mahogany patterned with punched silver. Their motif is the vine parable of Jesus. The church was designed by architect Samuli Miettinen from JKMM. The altarpiece, the crucifix and the works in the baptism recess and foyer are by artist Antti Tanttu. The church textiles were designed by textile artist Hanna Korvela.