DJ academy Bootcamp

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

DJ Workshop - Masterclass with Orkidea

DJ Academy is a communal DJ workshop by the City of Helsinki operating at Tiivistämö. The workshops teach mixing, scratching and juggling. In addition to weekly course activities, there are events and masterclass classes from other professionals in the field. Feel free to jump in whenever you like as despite our many group activities, the instruction is also strongly focused on the individual. Follow the activities of DJ Academy Helsinki on Instagram @djacademyhki. 

During the autumn break, DJ Bootcamp offers workshops for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts. The course for beginners starts at 13:00, and the Masterclass with Orkidea starts at 17:00. However, regardless of your level, you can still participate in the all-day program and all workshops. During the day, there will also be free and communal jamming and ‘each one teach one’ activities. Open decks is open to everyone who wants to play a 10-minute set. Tiivistämö has several DJ sets, but you can also bring your own equipment if you like.