In Helsinki, freedom means creating a life that looks like you without compromising.

My Freedom Stories from Helsinki

Freedom to speak from the heart

In Helsinki, we are proud to be the capital city of a country featuring free and fair elections, robust multiparty competition, and strong protections for freedoms of speech, religion, and association.

Freedom to be fragile

Our universal health care system and other support structures are designed to catch you when you fall so that you can soon stand up again

Freedom to be equal

Finland is among the most gender equal societies in the world, and in Helsinki we believe and support equal opportunities for everyone. Because talent knows no gender.

In 2020, we published a mini documentary series that celebrates life in the Finnish capital. Here, five brilliant creators present their takes on Helsinki Freedom to the world.

Episode 5: Freedom to learn & grow

Finland is a country that believes in everyone’s right to a high-quality education, regardless of wealth or previous career.

Episode 4: Freedom to breathe

Helsinki is designed to allow easy access to nature. The air quality is superb, clean water is abundant, and quiet spots of forests or waterfronts are everywhere even in the city.

Episode 3: Freedom to love

Yes, we know that us Finns aren’t known for our outpourings of passion or public displays of affection. But our belief in everyone’s right to love whoever they want to love runs deep.

Episode 2: Freedom to feel safe

Finnish society is among the safest in the world, and its capital city Helsinki is a place where everyone can move freely, without fear.

Episode 1: Freedom to find balance

Helsinki has been named the world’s best city for establishing a healthy work-life balance. It offers every resident a unique opportunity to work for the world’s most innovative companies and simultaneously enjoy their free time.