Foto Kekäläinen & Company (c) Uupi Tirronen

If I Would Lose My Voice Stream

About humanity’s irreversible impact on the biosphere.

About humanity’s irreversible impact on the biosphere.

Kekäläinen & Company’s If I Would Lose My Voice is an unforgettable stage work that reflects on the impact of human beings on the changes in our planet. It provides a provoking vision of the world, and how the actions of humans is changing nature more than ever before. The live stream is directed and realized by Thomas Freundlich (Lumikinos Production), Finnish pioneer of dance videos. The work gets close to the home viewer in a touching way.

In the recent years, people have come to understood that the earth has shifted into a new geological era, the era of the Anthropocene, where the actions of humans have affected the geology, ecosystems, and atmosphere in an unprecedented way. In her most recent work, Sanna Kekäläinen creates an fictive constellation in which this new era can be envisioned and imagined through artistic work.

The stage is where things begin to unfold. The situation is threatening, there is something unsettling and irrevocable about the event. We have exploited the world and slowly, because of this, a new Earth has come alive under people, with new soil, new waters, new rivers and zones. This new Earth has begun to move, to tremble, react and froth: the Earth is revolting.

5.5.2021 at 19.00

Tickets 11,50€ from Tiketti, availble until 26.5.2021
Performed in English

Duration approx. 1 h 30 min, no intermission, age limit: 7 +