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Tosca virtually

The opera to end all operas.

The opera to end all operas.

Limitless love, scathing hatred, music bursting with emotion – what more can you expect from an unforgettable opera experience? 

Giacomo Puccini’s opera hits straight in the heart, making first-timers and opera aficionados alike fall in love with it. Tosca is the utmost opera classic. It fills the stage with strong characters from heroes to villains, delivering an experience that leaves no one cold.

Christof Loy’s powerful direction has been acclaimed by both critics and the audience.

Watch the performance of Tosca, recorded on 6 October 2018, at the Stage24 service. 

Internet, Stage24


Free of charge, duration 2 h 3 min

Age recommendation 9 yrs


Performed in Italian, subtitles in Finnish

Production: Yle and Finnish National Opera and Ballet 2018