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Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki

Stoa’s terrifyingly popular Halloween celebration for the whole family is here again!

Stoa’s terrifyingly popular Halloween celebration for the whole family is here again!

Thrills and surprises are in store both in terms of the evening’s events as well as the weather, so make sure to dress accordingly to stay warm and dry.

Please note that the Totally Dark Adventure Walks and the Shadow Theatre Workshops require pre-registration. You can register for the events starting from 26 Oct and by 3 Nov at 4 p.m. via the links in the side bar. Remaining spots will be filled during the event. Please do not register unless you are sure you will be able to participate.

Restaurant Skutta is open all night, keeping the grill sizzling!

Event arranged by Stoa, Itäkeskus library, Helsinki adult education centre, Arbis, Kipinä, and Skutta.


Totally Dark Adventure Walk
3, 3:30, 4, 4:30 & 5 p.m.
Over 5-year-olds
Duration approx. 1 hour

Along the Adventure Walk you’ll find mysterious tastes and smells, witness thrilling tightrope artistry, listen and dance to wild rhythms and watch a short film. Links to the registration on the side bar.

Shadow Theatre Workshop
3–3:40 & 3:45–4:25 p.m.
Library conference room
Over 3-year-olds, under school-aged children with an adult

In the workshop you’ll learn about the mysterious world of shadow puppetry and create your very own shadow puppet. Links to the registration on the side bar.

Maria Baric Company: Bubbles
4:30–5 p.m.

Lit up giant bubbles hold musicians and artists within. The airtight bubbles make possible close encounters with performing arts.

Phoenix Nest Workshop
5–5:25 p.m.

Bring with you a marschall candle* and take part in this communal fire art work. The sea of flames lights up the murky Stoa courtyard and sets the scene for the Ave Fenix performance.

*In order to achieve a coherent visual, please bring a regular, low marschall candle in a metal tin (usually labled “ulkotuli”).

Phoenix’ Tears Workshop
5–5:25 p.m.

The tears of a Phoenix are said to have healing properties. Come and write the fire bird a secret, tear-shaped message, in which you can hide sorrows of which you wish to let go. Instead of being read, the messages are placed in the iron heart of a Phoenix, inside which they will burn into ashes, symbolising new strength to move on with one’s life.

Maria Baric Company: Ave Fenix
5:30–6 p.m.

A campfire story about the mythical bird of flame is brought to life by means of fire puppetry and fire circus. The performance had its debut in Stoa 10 years ago, after which it has been performed around the world, gaining international recognition. Now the Phoenix returns to its birthplace in Stoa to be born again once more.

Non-stop workshops from 3 to 6 p.m.

Gross Paint Studio
All ages

Come paint, splash and squeeze colour onto a canvas using gross and colourful goos and goops.

Magical Light-Painting Shop
All ages

In light-painting, you’ll be photographed on your own or with a friend while a light-painter creates magical effects on the background. You can also participate in the light-painting yourself.

Ghost Stories
Kipinä radio studio
Over 10-year-olds

Record a ghost story from a book or come up with your own. You’ll receive the recording as a memento into your email.

Spooky Reflector
Adult education centre textile classroom
All ages, under school-aged children with an adult

Craft or sow a reflector! The process takes approx. 15–30 minutes.

Spökverkstad – Ghost Shop
Adult education centre lecture room
All ages

Vi gör lustiga, roliga spöken i kartong.
We make happy, funny ghosts from crafting paper.

Lane of Terrors
Library youth section, entrance via Kipinä

Find all four spooky characters on the Lane of Terrors and take part in the raffle to win book prizes! At the end, you can have your picture taken in front of the lane’s mural.