Viikki Light Festival

Viikinkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki
Viikki Library

18:00 Phoenix Tear workshop. Write a secret message that will then be burned. 18:30 Ave Fenix fire theatre performance of the mythical

Viikki Light Festival is a public event organised by the Viikki Library, which centres around the fire and light theatre of Maria Baric Company. The event featuring music, circus and theatre performances will light up Maaherranpuisto Park for one evening, transforming it into a luminous stage for art made up of light and fire. 

At the beginning of the event, you can join the Phoenix Tear workshop to write a secret tear-shaped message to the phoenix, perhaps with things causing you sadness that you would like to let go. The messages to the firebird will not be read. They will instead be placed inside the bird’s iron heart where they will burn to ashes during the performance to symbolise new strength. Workshop begins at 18:00. 

18:30 start of the Ave Fenix fire theatre performance; musical campfire tale of the mythical firebird. You can bring an outdoor candle to the performance to form a sea of light and fire that will create a magical settings for the tale of the phoenix, which will be told by means of circus and puppet performances involving fire.