Фото Jussi Tiainen

Emma Ainala: Season of the Witch

Bulevardi 10, 00120 Helsinki
Helsinki Contemporary

Helsinki Contemporary har glädjen att inleda höstsäsongen med Emma Ainalas separatutställning Season of the Witch.

Helsinki Contemporary is delighted to open its
autumn season with Emma Ainala’s solo exhibition Season of the Witch. As a whole, the new exhibition addresses themes that Ainala has dealt with before, and takes them ever deeper. Deeper into the forest, into the world of fairy tales, and into places that few can reach.

Ainala is known for her prolific, detailed works that explore mythologies and a variety of spaces, both physical and digital – some even imagined. The inner worlds of these new works are governed by their own rules. Mingled together in them can be the everyday, the sublime, and multiple other levels, unquestioned, as in a dream. The oppressive-looking interiors of the new body of works could be compared to untamed outdoor spaces, to the realms of witches and vampires.
In both the walls that close in on us and the verdant exteriors we can make out figures from the realms of fairy tale, like forces of rescue or consolation, stories in which we can immerse ourselves or escape.

Tue-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 12-16
Free entry