Фото K-16-kollektiivi (c) Aino Salonen

K-16 Collective: Lemmikki / The Pet

Välimerenkatu 14, 00220 Helsinki
Teater Viirus

When longing goes too far…

When longing goes too far…

A pet dies, and is buried

The pet is missed.

Rain whips a homemade plaque as the pet lies in its grave. Until one night, a familiar figure arrives at the pet cemetery.

The pet is a horror performance about the death of an animal and a violation of a grave. A cute, familiar and fluffy body becomes unfamiliar.

The performance is inspired by Stephen King’s novel “Pet Sematary,” in which the family pet is run over by a truck. It is brought to life by magic so that the child does not have to know the truth. The actual story only begins when the child is also run over by a truck, and the father is unable to deal with his grief.

This time people mourn the pet and not the child.

The Pet is a first part of the performance series, which studies the possibilities of theatrical horror and focuses on the basic subject of horror, death. Through horror stories, the relationship with death by individuals and the community has always been discussed, but this time focus is on a species other than humans.

K-16 is a collective founded in 2019 that utilizes horror culture in its performances. The collective examines what kind of artistic potential horror as a genre has.

Director Arni Rajamäki

On stage Talvikki Eerola ja Sampsa Timoskainen


19.-28.5.2022, performances: viirus.fi/fi/esitykset/lemmikki

Tickets 16/8€, duration 1 h, non-linguistic

During the play, the audience is not participed, or touched.