Фото G Livelab / Pekka Nisu + Einari Stylman

Pekka Nisu + Einari Stylman

Yrjönkatu 3, 00120 Helsinki
G Livelab

Pekka Nisu returns to G Livelab in August. T

Pekka Nisu returns to G Livelab in August. The acclaimed singer/guitar player started his solo career after the much beloved pop group Pimeys had ended their journey and, since then Nisu has kept busy writing music for his new band. The acclaimed songwriter has released two studio albums, writing arena-sized but vibrant music about ordinary life. Here Nisu presents music from his new LP "Kaiken täytyy mennä". 

Einari Stylman is the first act on stage, hot on the heels of his electronic-tinged debut album "OK". 

G Livelab

27.8.2022 at 19.00

Tickets 25€