Arctic Kayaking in the Archipelago of Espoo

Matinlahdenranta 1, 02230 Espoo
Organiser: Natura Viva
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 109 €

Join us on an arctic kayaking adventure - This trip is suitable for everyone and lets you discover winter kayaking safely with a guide and warm equipment.

At the beginning of this kayaking trip your guide will welcome you at Matinkylä Paddling Point in Espoo. He will take care of your safety during the whole trip. At the beginning of the adventure each participant will receive the appropriate winter paddling equipment, a dry suit, neoprene boots, a neoprene hood and warm paddling gloves. You practice the necessary basic skills on the beach and in the water but the focus will be on outdoor activities and enjoying the arctic marine environment. During winter kayaking the sea is completely calm and there are hardly any other people in the water.