Photo Timo Tammisto

Haltia Lake Lodge - experiences in Nuuksio National Park

Solvallanrinne 2, 02820 Espoo
Organiser: Haltia Lake Lodge

Activities that will take you on a short expedition in Nuuksio. We can go deep into the shadows of the pine trees or enjoy the views from high cliffs. The adventures can be by hiking, biking, running, canoeing, or even with snowshoes – what´s your game?

Bushcraft & Outdoor knowledge:
Mother Nature has given Nuuksio a large variety of plants, birds, footprints, and other signs of wildlife worth looking into. When you learn enough of this environment and you start to observe – the forests will be telling you new stories for the rest of your life.

These activities are meant for your body & pampering your soul. Learn how to ease muscle aches after hiking or travelling. Adjust your walking technique to enjoy hikes without strain or pain. Learn all this during a soft hike, or just get a massage or a hot stone massage after the day's adventure – enjoy & relax.

Foraging & Outdoor Cooking:
Superfood from nature's own buffet is all around us – you just need to know where to look. Learn from a Biologist & Herbalist how to recognize, store and cook wild herds. Feast by having a meal made by our Outdoor Chef by live fire. This is a tasty world and all about feeling good.