Hawk Nest Sauna in Nuuksio National Park

Haukkalammentie 32, 02820 Espoo
Organiser: Natura Viva
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 70 €

Visit Hawk Nest sauna in Nuuksio's Haukkalampi! The terrace of Hawk Nest sauna overlooks Haukkalampi, where you can also go swimming. Book your sauna now!

Hawk Nest sauna is ideal for relaxation, social gatherings or as a meeting room. The sauna seats six people at a time. The fireplace room has a large table and chairs for 12 people. The fireplace room has a large screen, making it a great meeting room. During the summer season, you can also swim in the Haukkalampi pond. Unfortunately, there is no swimming possibilities in the winter season.

For many visitors to the park, the Haukkalampi area is the main route to Nuuksio National Park. Popular hiking trails pass in front of the sauna. Please respect the national park experience of other park visitors. Always wear a swimming costume when on the terrace or swimming.

Book a sauna experience for your group and enjoy the heat of sauna in Nuuksio's Haukkalampi!