Snowshoe Rental in Nuuksio National Park

Haukkalammentie 32, 02820 Espoo
Organiser: Natura Viva
Price: 29 €

Visit the beautiful Nuuksio National Park with snowshoes. Hilly terrains and wilderness lakes give you a unique environment for a winter trip. With snowshoes you can access even deeper snow - make your own paths wherever you want. Get to know the national park in a way that is not possible during other seasons!

From Hawks Nest you can choose various trails to follow since its one of the main gateways to the National Park. Snowshoeing is a fun and laid-back outdoor activity, and it is suitable for everyone, regardless of physical fitness. You can make your snowshoeing trek as easy or as demanding as you want, by adjusting the pace and choosing the right kind of track: steep hills and a busy pace for good cardio, even terrain and relaxed pace for casual walks. The Haukanholma campfire site and Mustalampi campifire site are only a short walk away from Nuuksio Hawk Nest. It is an enjoyable feeling to hike to a campfire site: sit down, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee and observe the tranquility of the winter forest.

Snowshoe self-rental is available during winter (depending snow conditions). Please check out the availability and opening hours of the snowshoe rentals beforehand.

Rent snowshoes and enjoy the beauty of winter nature!