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Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki
Musiikkitalo - Helsinki Music Centre

FRSO, Tabita Berglund & Jakob Dingstad

FRSO, Tabita Berglund & Jakob Dingstad

Nachruf, a musical epitaph or ‘memorial piece’ by Norwegian Arne Nordheim, compresses a frozen, hypnotic emotional charge into only 41 unhurried bars. It is similar in tone to Benjamin Britten’s mournful Lachrymae for viola and strings. It quotes from the lute song Come, heavy sleep by John Dowland likening sleep to the death that provides release from life’s afflictions.

The first Symphony by Gustav Mahler also has a morbid touch: the minor-key take on Frère Jacques sounds like a peculiar, cranky funeral march. For the most part, the Symphony nevertheless exudes a youthful zest for life and the wonders of Nature.


Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO)

Tabita Berglund, conductor

Jakob Dingstad, viola


Arne Nordheim: Nachruf

Benjamin Britten: Lachrymae op. 48a

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No.1 D Major

Helsinki Music Centre, Concert Hall

1.3.2023 at 19.00

Tickets 9–38€ from Ticketmaster, ticket sales starts 9.12.2022