Photo Tekniikan museo (c) Jenni Tuominen ja Jukka Pylväs

The Ghost and Lighting Assignments

Viikintie 1d, 00560 Helsinki
The Museum of Technology

The Museum Ghost needs help!

The Museum Ghost needs help!

The Ghost of the Museum of Technology is writing a letter to a friend. The old ghost only has a sconce holding a lighted candle. In the dim candlelight it’s difficult to write. What kind of more effective way of lighting could you invent?

The Ghost and lighting assignments are intended for visitors who explore the museum on their own . These activities are for children at 5-8 years of age, designed to be done together with an adult.

The goal is to explore different kinds of light and energy sources by observing and experimenting. The creative process is rehearsed in practice by brainstorming and constructing children’s own lights based on different premises.


Museum of Technology

21.1. & 28.1.2023


Admission fee 6/12€, under 7 yrs free entry