Haagan Alppiruusupuisto - Rhododendron Park in Haaga

Laajasuontie 40, 00320 Helsinki

Rhododendron Park in Haaga is a true gem that deserves to be seen by all visitors to Helsinki when the plants are in bloom. The grounds serve as both a public park and a university research garden. The park has two parts: the evergreen rhododendrons grow in the southern section, while the seasonal park azaleas grow on the other side of the power lines in the northern section. The peak blooming season for both the rhododendrons and the azaleas is early June. The azaleas bloom first and sometimes longer than the rhododendrons, even after midsummer. The splendour of the flowers varies with each year; generally a good year is followed by a more modest one. Pine trees create a canopy for the flowering plants. Thousands of Helsinki residents and gardening enthusiasts visit the park each year to witness the spectacle.