Photo Muu tekijänoikeuden haltija

Havis Amanda

Unioninkatu, 00100 Helsinki

Havis Amanda is a fountain and a sculpture by Ville Vallgren situated between the Esplanade park and the Market Square. The fountain includes four sea lions and water-spouting fish amid the swaying seaweed at Havis Amanda's feet. The sculpture is, for the most part, cast in bronze and stands on pink granite from Vehmaa. The work in total measures five metres in height. It was unveiled in 1908.

Every year on the eve of May Day, "Vappu" (30.4.), the statue serves as a centerpiece for the Vappu celebrations. A group of delegated higher education students place a student cap on the statue in an elaborate ceremony at 18.00.

The work of art belongs to the collection of HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

Due to the renovations that the fountain and its surroundings will undergo, the Havis Amanda statue has been transferred to be restored on May 3 of 2023.