Market Square

Eteläranta, 00170 Helsinki

Located at the South Harbour at one end of the Esplanade Park, the Market Square is Helsinki's most international and famous market. The booths here sell traditional market foods and treats, as well as handicrafts and souvenirs. There are also heated café tents where you can comfortably have a steaming hot coffee even on the coldest days in winter. The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market, one of the oldest ongoing event traditions in Finland, is arranged here every October. It has been held since 1743.

There's a ferry connection to Suomenlinna Fortress island from the Market Square year round, and in summer it is possible to catch eg. a ferry to Korkeasaari Zoo, hop on one of the archipelago sightseeing cruises or take a boat trip to Porvoo.

The Stone of the Empress', in the middle of the Market Square, is the oldest public memorial in Helsinki. It was erected to commemorate the Empress Alexandra's (the German-born wife of Nicholas I), first visit to Helsinki.

On the west side of the Market Square, close to the Esplanade park, stands the Havis Amanda fountain, by Ville Vallgren (1908), one of the best known statues in Helsinki.