Photo Helsinki Marketing / Sasa Tkalcan

Puotila Chapel

Puotilantie 5, 00910 Helsinki

The Puotila chapel, built in the former granary of the Puotila manor, is one of the most popular wedding churches in Helsinki. At the highest point of the Puotilantie side end of the Puotila chapel is a granite stone with the engraving "J. H. L. 1859". The initials refer to the builder of the granary, Johan Henrik Lindroos. The current main building of the adjacent Puotila manor dates back to the 18th century. The Puotila manor and its grounds were transferred to the ownership of Helsinki in 1933. The Helsinki parishes bought the dilapidated granary from the city in 1959. Architect, Tarja Salmio-Toiviainen, designed a chapel there, which was completed in 1963.