Photo Aleksi Poutanen / Helsinki Partners

Seurasaari Island

00250 Helsinki

The Seurasaari island provides a nice setting for outdoor recreation, sun worshippers and walkers. The tame ducks, swans and geese swarming around the bridge welcome everybody. Having crossed the white wooden bridge a visitor can't help running into the happy little squirrels of the island.

At the Open-Air Museum of Seurasaari the traditional Finnish way of life is displayed in the cottages, farmsteads and manors of the past four centuries that have been relocated from all around Finland.

At Seurasaari you'll also find Cafe Mieritz, kiosks and a beach (nude-, except for Wed & Sun). Barbecuing is also possible at the grill by the Festival Ground kiosk.

There are also events at Seurasaari, eg. the yearly Midsummer bonfires, Christmas path and Easter bonfires.