Photo Eva Spoof

Clay Date & Family Fun

Kaarlenkatu 15, 00530 Helsinki
Organiser: UDUMBARA Helsinki Pottery Studio
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 98.75 - 395 €

Clay Date & Family Fun: Dive into the Art of Pottery!
Experiences make people happy. Dive deep into the art of pottery and learn the joy of letting go in our intensive pottery wheel flowerpot workshop.

- Perfect for pottery beginners.
- A fun outing with your team, friends or family.
- 2-hour workshop for up to four participants.
- Additional participants can join (need to book two days in advance from the webshop -> workshops ).

When you work with Kultela wild clay, you're embracing 100% local materials and a genuine piece of Finland. At UDUMBARA, you're supporting ethical and environmentally conscious craftsmanship. The commitment to ethics goes beyond clay. UDUMBARA Pottery utilizes solar choice energy to power the studio and kiln, reducing the carbon footprint associated with pottery-making.

Established in 1994, UDUMBARA is run by a professional artist using 100% local Kultela wild clay from Ojala fields. This natural raw clay gives the products a deep, earthy character that reflects Finnish nature. UDUMBARA combines craftsmanship with contemporary design, and they look forward to sharing this experience with you.

The finished products can be delivered to you by post, with shipping costs based on your location. Alternatively, choose a small UDUMBARA planter pot as an immediate memory of your visit. Please note that finished pottery takes a few weeks to a month to be ready.