Photo Green Cap Oy

Helsinki Free Walking Tour

Hallituskatu 9, 00170 Helsinki
Organiser: Green Cap Oy
Duration: 2 hours

Want to know not only the history but the everyday life and culture of Finland? Want to see the hidden areas and be kept mostly out of the beaten path? Then this 2-hour tour is for you!

You will get familiar with curiosities of Helsinki and the living habits of these mysterious creatures called Finns.

Join our local guides to hear all about the Finnish way of life:
- What do Finns eat?
- What to Finns love and hate?
- How to say something funny in Finnish?

We’ll start from the main stairs of the White Cathedral at the Senate Square (Hallituskatu 9, Helsinki). Look for Your Guide with a Green Cap!

We also give you hints regarding the places, restaurants and attractions you should visit.