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Helsinki Pizza Cruise

Market Square, 00170 Helsinki
Organiser: Stromma Finland
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 42 €

This 2-hour dinner cruise is a must this summer! Relax and enjoy the beautiful Helsinki archipelago on a boat tour while eating a delicious pizza. You can eat, drink, listen to music, talk to your friends, or just admire the view. You can join the tour without ordering a pizza but please note that it is not possible to order it after the booking.

The cruise will head towards Katajanokanluoto, a small island outside of Helsinki where we will pick up the freshly baked pizzas. You can sit outside and enjoy the sea breeze or by a table inside the boat. The route will pass by nearby island and the shorelines of Helsinki. You can follow the route on the route maps onboard.

Season: May - September 2024
Departures from the Market Square, by the yellow flags