Photo Stefan Blomqvist

Relax Fox guided nature walk of 3 - 5 km from hotel Nuuksio

Naruportintie 68, 02680 Kirkkonummi
Organiser: Smiling Redfox nature & outdoor activities, Hymyilevä Punakettu
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 25 - 29 €

We arrange nature hikes to south side of Nuuksio national park which is still more peaceful place compared to the most crowded areas in the park.

Enjoy the nature without any bigger plans. Listen to the sound of forest and the stories about Nuuksio national park. Take time for yourself and your friends. We use the normal forest tracks while walking on the south side of the park and visiting beautiful Soidinsuo swamp and Kaislampi pond. There are few ups and downs on the way but nothing too heavy for a person with normal walking condition.

Group size 3-15 person, Price 290e / 10 person, add person 15e/ person.

We recommend you to take a bottle of water and small snack with you as well as to use good outdoor walking shoes and clothing according to the existing weather conditions. Check out that your travel or accident insurance covers this kind of action. Remember to take your allergic medication with you, especially on spring and early summer time.

Before buying a hike, please send us an email in order to confirm availability of the desired date and time as well as to check restrictions during coronavirus epidemic. Our email address is [email protected].

We recommend to take a nature hike between April 1 and October 15. Choose hike during spring if you prefer seeing nature waking up after the winter. In case you are interested in collecting berries and mushrooms choose time between late July and September.

We arrange trips also between October 16 and March 31 but in that case we need to ensure the weather conditions before hand. Whenever there is enough snow on the ground we use snowshoes on trips otherwise we hike.

Remark: Trips should be ordered at least 7 days before the desired hiking day. In case you want to make an order for a trip less than 7 days before contact directly to our email.