Photo Astari G. Swatantri

‘Flowers in the City’ Watercolor Painting Exhibition by Swatantri

Hammarskjöldintie 1 A, 00250 Helsinki
The Winter Garden

Artist Swatantri translates to watercolor paintings her inspiring experiences of visiting parks and gardens in Helsinki.

Flowers beautify the spaces filled with man-made structures and offer a connection with nature for the city residents. In springs and summers, artist Swatantri visits parks and gardens in Helsinki, where flowers bloom and create lively atmospheres. She translates her inspiring experiences to watercolor paintings, bringing together the colorful and vibrant blossoms in the bustling rhythm of the city to be enjoyed all year round. As flowers, indoors and outdoors, are the source of inspiration for the paintings, this exhibition is especially for flower lovers, who at the same time will enjoy the wonderful beauty of the flora at the venue, Helsinki Winter Garden.

‘Flowers in the City’

Painting Exhibition


Watercolor Art by Astari G. Swatantri

Helsinki Winter Garden

Hammarskjöldintie 1 A

00250 Helsinki

Opens during the operational hours of the Winter Garden:

Mon-Thu 10am-4pm * Fri closed * Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

Free Entrance