Photo Fallkullan kotieläintila

Animal care at Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm

Malminkaari 24, 00730 Helsinki
Falkulla Domestic Animal Farm

During the winter break, Fallkulla Domestic Animal Farm organises fun activities with animals in a cowshed and stable environment for 9–17-year-olds.

Goats, sheep, rabbits, cows, ponies, a miniature pig and chickens await your care during the winter break. The day includes cowshed work, animal care and feeding the animals. Tasks are assigned at 9:30, and work ends at 15:00. Bring weather-appropriate clothes that can be used in a cowshed and rubber boots. We spend part of the day outdoors. The activity days include a common lunch break, when you eat your own snacks. You can register for the activity at (search term: “fallkulla domestic animal farm” or “fallkulla”). Individual registrations are made for each day.