Animal sculpture exhibition 'Feral Mood' 13.4.-28.4.2024

Hammarskjöldintie 1 A, 00250 Helsinki
The Winter Garden

Animal sculpture exhibition in the cactus room of the Winter Garden.

Mankind’s first artwork was an animal figure on the wall of a cave. In ceramics, animal figurines are a classic theme. Animal forms in art inspire emotions, whether they’re skillfully convincing, or humorously whimsical. To inspire the exhibitions' ceramic sculptures and zine, each participant was raffled a species  and an adjective.

Organisms weave large, interconnected webs. If a part of them is wounded, the entire network is at risk to unravel. Aalto University students' and facultys' Feral Mood exhibitions’ emotional animals are examples of links on the verge of breaking.

Opens during the operational hours of the Winter Garden:

Mon-Thu  10am - 4pm

Fri closed

Sat-Sun  10am - 4pm

Free entrance