Photo Visualisointi Simon le Roux

Anybody’s Architecture: Water Spirits

Capellanranta 1, 00580 Helsinki
Pars Pro Toto

Anybody's Architecture: Water Spirits is a choreography by Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo for five dancers at the sculpture installation on Capellanranta's sea steps.

Anybody's Architecture: Water Spirits is a dance performance by Ismo Dance Company for five dancers located at the sculpture installation on Capellanranta's sea steps. Alicja Kwade's artwork Pars Pro Toto consists of eight stone balls resembling planets, which show the ancient process of life and the passage of time. 

The performance, suitable for the whole family, brings a maritime fantasy to the artwork made from different types of Nordic stone. The forward flowing and energetic choreography expands and deepens the sculpture's meanings and its relationship to its surroundings. 

Using imagination the stone balls of the sculpture can for example turn into boulders or beach balls. Water spirits, mermaids and mermen appear on top of them. They are colorful creatures that move with fluid precision to the music. 

The musical world of the piece is created by combining acoustic and electric instruments and sounds from nature. The music can be characterized as world music, with nuances of folk, techno and electronic music. 


Ismo Dance Company

Choreography, concept and direction: Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo

Dancers: Taru Aho, Antti Nieminen, Meri Pajunpää, Johannes Purovaara ja Marjukka Savolainen 

Music: Jouko Kyhälä 

Sculpture: Alicja Kwade 

Architectural expert: Simon le Roux


Dates: 23.7. – 31.7.2024 (except 26.7. no performance) 

Performances every day at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm  


Venue: Capellanranta, sea steps, Kalasatama, Helsinki 

Duration approximately 20 min. 

Free entry 

Note: no performance in bad weather