Photo Arabia kaikuu -liedkollektiivi (c) Leva Nevski (Pixabay)

Arabia Kaikuu: In My Own Words

Vanhankaupungintie 3, 00560 Helsinki

Arabia Kaikuu: In My Own Words – lied meets spoken word

Arabia Kaikuu: In My Own Words – lied meets spoken word

Spoken word poetry and lied music are kindred artforms united by the performer's strong personal relationship with the text. The artists are bare and vulnerable in front of the audience, wearing their hearts and thoughts on their sleeve. 
The Finnish name of the concert “Omat on saamani sanaset” is from a collection of folk poetry called Kanteletar. The quote refers to the two themes of the concert: Finnish folklore, and the nature-themed works of spoken word -artist Harri Hertell. What happens when the origins of Finnish poetry meet contemporary verses? How does lied music relate to spoken word poetry? 
The concert’s musical programme will include, for example, some great symphonic works of Toivo Kuula and Jean Sibelius.

The event is part of the Arabia Kaikuu Festival which celebrates Finnish lied music. The performers of the festival are students, alumni, teachers, and friends of Metropolia UAS.



6.6.2023 at 18.00, duration is not mentioned

Free entry, program 10-15€