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Are Economists Up for the Challenges of the Day?

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Alarm bells are ringing, can economics help or will it cause more harm?

Alarm bells are ringing, can economics help or will it cause more harm?

Does economics help people understand where the world is going? Does it have the tools to answer humanity’s biggest challenges – or the ability to build those tools? Why is it always accused of narrowness, even blindness? Does it deserve its current authority in society?

Climate change, loss of nature, war, pandemics, growing inequality, aging populations, threats to liberal democracy, mental health problems, and the growth of artificial intelligence. People are facing large-scale crises and challenges, simultaneously!

Economics enjoys considerable scientific authority in society and is often at the heart of policies concerning these challenges. However, economics is also a contested discipline. Does economics have the tools to address challenges of the day? Can it maintain its authority and benefit humanity and how?


Chair: Uskali Mäki (University of Helsinki)
Opening speech: Wendy Carlin (University College London)

– Riina Bhatia (Chair, Rethinking Economics Finland)
– Eeva Hellström (Senior Lead, Sitra)
– Mika Pantzar (Professor, University of Helsinki)
– Roope Uusitalo (Professor, University of Helsinki)


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The opening speech will be in English, followed by panel discussion in Finnish