Art Workshops

Ready? unleash your creativity? Participate in workshops where you'll craft your very own art, It's all about having fun and making something unique.

Mimosa Vida is a lifestyle boutique galleria that hosts art workshops and collaborates with local entrepreneurs and artists. They have upcoming workshops scheduled for April, with more to come. These workshops can also be arranged for private groups on flexible schedules. 

*Thursday, April 4th , clay-pottery jewelry holder workshop: Ready? unleash your creativity? Participate in the workshops where you'll craft your very own art,  It's all about having fun, making something unique, and leaving with a personalized treasure. Let's relax,  create, and have a good time. Reserve your spot today!

*Saturday, April 6th: Participate in a watercolor workshop led by talented artist Arina Tagmazian! Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, dive into the world of watercolors and unleash your creativity. Vibrant "Finnish Summer" landscapes will be painted together, exploring essential techniques along the way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your artistic horizons and create stunning works of art. Reserve your spot now and let your creativity flow!

Mimosa Vida

4.4.2024 klo 17-20.30
6.4.2024 klo 12-16


- Clay-pottery workshop includes a small snack and a drink  45€ per person or bring a friend for 80€, (40€ each)
- Watercolor workshop 35€ includes all materials.  25€ Bring your own paints and brushes  includes paper and working board 

Registration required send an email to: [email protected]

All workshops are conducted in English.

For more information direct message or follow us on instagram: mimosa_vida